Feel Good Hypnosis

Feel Good Hypnosis is a hypnosis business run by Turan Mirza who is a full-time hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. The business covers both Change Work (what some people would call hypnotherapy – but Feel Good Hypnosis prefers the term ‘Change Work’, as it better describes what they do i.e. change the way people think).

Turan has trained in the art of hypnosis with the best names in the business from all over the world, trainers from Dubai, Denmark, England, Scotland, Canada and the USA. Turan keeps up to date with the latest techniques by regularly attending major hypnosis conventions, such as Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas, the International Hypnosis Convention in Zurich and the UK Hypnosis Convention in London, and more.

Feel Good Hypnosis covers a wide range of Change Work over and above the traditional stop smoking and weight loss programs, these include but are not limited to: removal of fears and phobias; anxiety; panic attacks; teeth grinding and much more. Through working with people to improve their minds Feel Good Hypnosis improves the quality of people’s lives.

Turan has worked with children as your as 4 years old and also works with sports people and business people to improve their performance. Free audio downloads and book downloads are available from the website as well as regular blobs and information about hypnosis.

If you are interested in learning how hypnosis works, Turan also provides regular training courses.