Ulster Orchestra – Dego Plays Beethoven

Beethoven’s Violin Concerto is the first blockbuster concerto, though it almost missed its chance for world renown, falling out of fashion in the years immediately following its composition. Experience it live in the Ulster Hall, on 08 April 2022!

It took the championing of Felix Mendelssohn and 19th-century violin prodigy Joseph Joachim for audiences to love its simple, yet heartfelt melodies, some 50 years after it was written. Beethoven brings all his symphonic experience to bear on this work to create a wonderful sense of space and transcendence that is utterly transporting.

Our guest soloist for this performance sees a welcome return to Belfast for Francesca Dego, fresh from the rare experience of recording using Paganini’s favourite violin, the 1743 Guarneri del Gesù he nicknamed ‘Il Cannone’ (‘The Cannon’) on account of its power and sonority!

Dvořák’s Seventh Symphony is perhaps his greatest. The music is fired by a love of his Czech homeland – the story goes that his inspiration came from a trainspotting trip to the Prague railway station! – and while it reflects some of the tragedies that befell the composer in his personal life, it’s nonetheless full of lyrical warmth and ends in a blaze of sunshine.


Type:  Music

Location:  Ulster Hall

Dates:  8th April 2022

Times: 6:30pm

Cost: From £5.00

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