Winterfell Castle Tour

Game of Thrones fans can go wild on the most popular filming location, Winterfell Castle – more commonly known as Castle Ward.

Old Castle Ward was one of the Northern Ireland locations chosen by HBO to represent Winterfell Castle on the Game of Thrones. Tourists can marvel in the recognisable sites including:

  • Bran’s fall from Winterfell
  • The Archery Range at Winderfell
  • Walder Frey’s Twins
  • The tree branch where Brienne confronts Starkmen
  • The site where Theon beheads Ser Rodrik
  • Robb’s camp
  • Lannister camp
  • Baelor Battlefield
  • The tree at which Robb Stark and Talisa got married in secret

This unique experience costs £29 and includes costumed games, archery and plenty of photo opportunities!

Sessions last for 45 minutes and only customers 8 years+ are permitted to attend.