Children’s Author Releases Debut Album To Coincide With Fourth Book Release

The well-loved Weatherbies characters created by Maghera mum Yvonne Fleming are back with an exciting new song book launching on November 12.

Sing a song with the Weatherbies, contains 13 songs for each of the characters who live in Skytown such as Sammy Sun, Colin Cloud and Rosie Rainbow as well as colourful illustrations by James Salenga.

To find the toe tapping tunes that accompany the book, parents have the option to either scan a QR code using their smartphone, or they can simply search ‘The Weatherbies’ on Spotify or Apple music.

After previously working as a hairdresser and childminder for over 20 years, mum-of-two Yvonne, started creating The Weatherbies characters to entertain the kids she was looking after.


“It all started one day when I was in the garden playing with the kids. 

“It was a lovely day, and we were looking up at the clouds and I started making up wee characters and creating stories for them. 

“My characters are weather symbols that encourage friendship, empathy, compassion and problem solving,” she said.

After some encouragement from her husband Peter, the pair joined forces to combine each of their different strengths to bring the Weatherbies stories to life and created the success that it is today.

Yvonne said her husband Peter heard her telling the stories to their two sons: “One night Peter was walking past the bedroom door and heard me telling the boys the stories. 

“When I came downstairs, he said he thought it had potential and felt I should develop it more.”

The new book is aimed at children aged 2-5 and with the help of the loveable characters, parents can educate their children on important topics such as recycling, environment, and the weather.

Song titles include The Sammy Sun Song which introduces the importance of practicing sun safety, The Colin Cloud Song which helps children understand the cloud’s role in the water cycle and The Pollutants Song that encourages children to do their bit to save the environment by not wasting power.

Each song contains vocals from Tony Kearney, Faoiltiarna Burke and Glenview Primary School choir.

To purchase the book and listen to the songs go to


Leanne is the editor in chief of BELFAST.CO.UK.