Montblanc partners with Lunn’s the Jewellers

Montblanc in partnership with Lunn’s the Jewellers opens a new stand-alone Boutique, situated in Queen’s Arcade, the ultimate destination for luxury retail in Belfast

“Driven by excellence, heritage and craftsmanship, the new Montblanc Boutique offers customers a unique and enriching experience”.

Montblanc opens a new Boutique in Belfast, known historically for innovation and trade, a port-city that played an important role in the industrial revolution. Today, Belfast continues to thrive and provides the perfect location for Montblanc’s first stand-alone Boutique in Northern Ireland.

Montblanc 1

With shared values and a passion for luxury and craftsmanship, Montblanc and Lunn’s create a historic partnership at Queens Arcade through the new store. “We are excited about the future for Queen’s Arcade and will continue to invest to make it one of the premier shopping destinations in Ireland,” John Lunn, Managing Director, Lunn’s Jewellers.

“Montblanc’s history began in Hamburg, one of the biggest commercial ports of the world, a city that shares with Belfast an international history and trade culture. As we expand and want to bring our stories closer to our customers, we partner with Lunn’s Jewellers to bring the Montblanc experience to Belfast. When someone walks into our Boutique, we want them to feel and understand our core values, excellence, heritage, craftsmanship and pioneering spirit. Behind every collection there is a story, and we hope to inspire customers to leave their mark and enjoy their lifetime companions”, says Georgia Noutsi, Brand Director Montblanc U.K. & Ireland.

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Striking a balance between contemporary design and classic simplicity, the brand-new Boutique offers a dynamic and immersive space, where guests can experience writing with different nibs to find the perfect writing instrument to suit their writing style, play with multiple-coloured inks, as well as enjoy trying on timepieces and the latest leather creations. Alongside the Maison’s iconic writing instruments, Swiss-made timepieces, and beautifully crafted leather designs, including the timeless Meisterstück LeGrand Fountain Pen, The Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Edition and the re[1]envisioned Meisterstück 4810 leather range, the Boutique also showcases the latest elegant accessories and technology collections.

Montblanc Belfast can be found at:

2, Queen’s Arcade, Belfast BT1 5FE

Monday – Friday 10am -5pm

Saturday – 9:30am – 5pm

Sunday – Closed


Leanne is the editor in chief of BELFAST.CO.UK.