Movie Star in Belfast for ‘Every Moment Counts’ Campaign

Pictured is Hollywood actor Barry Keoghan and Paul O’Hare, General Manager & Director at the Duke of York at the Guinness Raising the Bar ‘Every Moment Counts’ filming in The Duke of York pub, Belfast.

Hollywood actor Barry Keoghan has teamed up with Guinness Raising the Bar to launch ‘Every Moment Counts’. The campaign highlights the importance of positive and safe socialising now that the pubs are open once again. In partnership with the pubs of Ireland through Hospitality Ulster, the LVA and the VFI, the campaign is a reminder to people that we all have skin in the game, and it’s in our collective interest to socialise safely so that pubs can remain open for everyone, everywhere.

As part of the campaign, Barry stars in a film that captures the excitement of getting back to the pub as customers are welcomed back safely. The film sees Barry enjoying a pint of the black stuff in the iconic Belfast pub The Duke of York which is tucked away on a cobbled alleyway in the historic Half Bap area.

“I’m delighted to work with Guinness Raising the Bar on the ‘Every Moment Counts’ campaign. We’ve all missed our catchups in the local, so let’s stay sound when we’re out and make this last!”

Barry Keoghan, Actor
Hollywood actor Barry Keoghan enjoying a pint of the black stuff in the Duke of York, Belfast

There has been a hum of excitement in the air as the doors of beloved pubs finally opened again and this campaign is a reminder that these are all moments, that everyone has been waiting for and won’t take for granted again. From meeting old friends and making new ones, to that wink across the bar and banter with the barman, now is the time to celebrate responsibly and look to better days ahead. This is the catchup of all catchups so let’s make it last!

Covid-19 restrictions have meant difficult times for many in the hospitality industry, including many of the pubs that were closed for almost 17 months. To ensure the success and survival of pubs across Ireland, Guinness last year created its Raising the Bar initiative, committing to a €14 million fund to support the pub trade and the communities.

Colin Neill, CEO, Hospitality Ulster said: “We are delighted to partner with Guinness Raising the Bar on the ‘Every Moment Counts’ campaign. It has been fantastic to have our pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels open again in Northern Ireland these last few weeks. The hospitality industry has put an extensive range of measures in place in order to reopen safely. Our ask is that everyone embraces the positive socialising message to help secure a sustainable future for the wider hospitality industry in Northern Ireland and beyond.”

The 30” film will premiere on Barry’s channels this Friday 4th June and on national television, DOOH, VOD and social, from Saturday 5th June right through to 29th August. The public are being encouraged to show their support for a safe reopening of their local pub using #EVERYMOMENTCOUNTS on their social media channels.



Leanne is the editor in chief of BELFAST.CO.UK.