Belfast Artist: Keith Drury

Keith cannot remember a time when he did not draw or make ‘stuff’. His introduction into the more serious art world began when the owner of a prestigious Belfast gallery took him under his wing lending him works of international artists to take home and copy. On return, the gallery owner would assess Keith’s style and then test him with something completely different. Now, after years of trying new styles and mediums, Keith has developed his own unique style which presents a vibrant and contemporary interpretation of the urban landscape.

Months of exacting work go into each picture often yielding surprises to the eagle-eyed, or to those who use magnifying glasses! Each print is a top-quality Giclée print on acid-free paper; each one is printed at the studio itself and is not outsourced.


Over the years, Keith’s ‘When I Dream’ art series has become one of the top-selling range of artworks for many of the UK’s largest city galleries. Commercially his work has found its way into every world continent, appeared in advertising campaigns, jigsaws and luxury chocolate tins. Although used by the rich and famous, the artworks are created simply to be enjoyed and to be a talking point on anyone’s wall. Perhaps we could summarise his own view of his work by amending Oscar Wilde’s famous expression, ‘Art is too important to be taken seriously!’

“Belfast is home. Amidst the tall chimneys and sounds of machinery, there is a road that always leads home.”

Keith drury on his beloved belfast
finger sign only 1024x1024

‘Road Trip’, one of Keiths latest pieces from the ‘Virtual Human Series’.  This piece can be customised to include lifelike people. 

Customisation is a unique aspect of Keiths work allowing the piece to be adapted through finger signs, cars, buildings or people, as I mentioned.  This option is great for celebrating occasions and also makes the piece a 1/1  – a unique picture.

Perhaps one of the most colourful pieces drawing attention in the gallery window of his Belmont Road studio is ‘Take Me to the Fair’, Keith’s newest oil painting featuring Frida.

Take me to the fair 1024x1024
‘Take Me to the Fair’ by Keith Drury Art

For some further info, please see the link to the website… Art Styles — Keith Drury Art