Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra

Fancy a fun-filled day of history for all the family to enjoy? If so, then the perfect places to visit are the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum located a short drive from Belfast City Centre.

At the transport museum you will find a number of galleries to explore, taking you back in time to the story of transport.  On display you will find majestic locomotives, horse-drawn carriages, vintage motorbikes, and cars including the famous DeLorean sport car.

The Folk Museum will give an insight into how Ulster was over a century ago. You will be able to watch demonstrations of traditional crafts to include basket weaving and printing.  The costumed guides on-site will bring it all to life. You will also be able to treat the family to some old fashioned confectionery in the corner shop.

To find out what’s on and for more information visit the website: