15/03: Tuesday Goodie Bag

This week’s Tuesday Goodie Bag features

👉 La Taqueria 

👉 The Pocket

And our discovery of the week:

👉 The Guillemot Deli

La Taqueria

La Taqueria on the Ormeau Road offers dishes rooted in trusted, traditional Mexican flavours & recipes that not only showcase some of Northern Ireland’s famous local produce but also Mexico’s amazing ingredients. We chose the Tostada de Ceviche & Guacamole Especial to nibble on while we perused the menu, and plumped for the Taco Pescado, the Crispy Salt Baked Celeriac, & the Quesadilla Gringa stuffed with Al Pastor meat & griddled pineapple. Every dish was packed with wonderful, authentic flavours & textures. 

La Taqueria only has one dessert option, but when it’s as good as its Churros rolled in cinnamon sugar served with warm Dulce de Leche, who’s complaining? 

The Pocket

In the Flat Iron Building, Upper Church Lane, The Pocket serves high quality fresh food & great coffee in a chilled atmosphere, & we were immediately struck by the cool, quirky vibe, friendly service, and great menu featuring local & sustainable produce. The “Prana Turmeric Chai” is a spicy, milky delight, & the signature dish of “Green Eggs on Toast” with soft poached free-range eggs on sourdough served with their famous homemade green sauce was to die for, especially with a generous side of grilled halloumi. 

The “Deadly Cheddly” with fried egg, melted red cheddar & chilli jam in a toasted brioche bun was also a winner; we substituted the bacon for meat-free sausages to make a vegetarian version. 

The Guillemot Deli

The Guillemot has spread its wings! This Bangor-based Deli has just flown into Ballyhack, and we popped our beaks in on opening day to take a gander! 

This“ hub of deliciousness”stocks a wide range of pantry staples, local & continental cheeses, freshly baked scones & pastries, breads and sandwiches, house salsas, scrumptious salads, and great coffee. We wish The Guillemot every success in its “im-peck-able” new East Belfast nest, and we’re sure to be winging our way there on a regular basis!