20/07: Tuesday Goodie Bag

Welcome to our weekly “TGB Tuesday Goodie Bag”.

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Restaurant Recommendations

  • 2Taps
  • East Bengal
  • Sozo


What a stunning afternoon! Seated outside 2Taps under the awning, we cooled down with a pint of Madri Spanish Beer and an Aperol Spritz, followed by a bottle of the Rosé Cava Brut- an exceptionally dry yet fruity fizz. The small plates we ordered were terrific, especially the deliciously plump Gambas al Ajillo swimming in garlic & chilli oil, and the crispy Panes Planos with dips. Tender fried Calamares, spicy yet creamy Patatas Bravas, and charred Padrón Peppers accompanied by an Ensalada Vasca and swathes of sunshine made us feel as if we were in a seafront Tapas bar in La Barceloneta. Muy delicioso!!

East Bengal

On the hottest day of the year, we decided we needed to spice up our lives a little, so bottles of Cobra in hand, and factor 30 on head, we walked round to our favourite Ballyhack Indian Restaurant, The East Bengal. 

We were seated upstairs, and the windows were flung open allowing a cooling breeze to waft around our table. And what a feast we had!

IMG 4892

Lovely crispy Papadums with dips to start, followed by a selection of appetisers, all freshly made in house. The Vegetable Samosas were particularly good, with a chunky aromatic filling surrounded by a crispy pastry shell-a million miles away from the limp, greasy triangles served in other establishments. The Garlic King Prawns are also amazing, and we can never resist ordering them!

Our main courses ranged from a mild and creamy Vegetable Tikka Masala special to a sweet and spicy King Prawn Patia. The Paneer Shaslik is a beautiful dish: gorgeous chunks of curd cheese, cooked over flaming tandoori charcoal and served with a vegetable curry and choice of rice, and the Deshi Masala, a Chef’s Choice dish featuring enormously succulent freshwater prawns was another highlight.

And if you can’t decide whether you’re in the mood for chicken, prawns or lamb, why not order the East Bengal King Special which includes all of the above slowly cooked in Bengali Herbs and medium spices. Along with breads and other accompaniments (the Chilli and Coriander Naan is wonderful, although it’s not on the menu, just ask!) we had a superb evening of excellent food, great company, and attentive service from the team at The East Bengal.


A popular family restaurant for many years, Sozo in Jordanstown offers quality comfort food at reasonable prices, and we recently enjoyed an al fresco lunch in their quirky beer garden at the side of the restaurant.

IMG 4810

A bottle of Rioja was the perfect accompaniment to our shared Charcuterie Boards, one cheese, and one meat, which were generously portioned and terrific value for money. 

Our mains included a vegetarian “Dirty” Dahl and Bean Burger, with a sweet Beetroot and Cranberry Relish, a Hail Caesar! Salad with lots of tender chicken breast, a SFC Chicken Burger with sriracha and heaps of Sweet Potato Fries, a creamy Penne Pasta, and a portion of extra spicy Salt and Chilli Chicken, all served with efficiency and a liberal helping of craic by the friendly staff.

A great way to spend a summer’s afternoon.

Product of the Week

The Lush Larder

Established in 2019, The Lush Larder displays a fusion of two passions, cooking and growing-their-own food,  through small batches of delicious artisan jams and chutneys made from seasonal, homegrown and locally sourced fruits and vegetables using traditional preserving methods.

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Being from County Armagh, also known as “The Orchard County”, their local EU PGI Status Bramley Apple is an essential ingredient in many of their products. We loved the Bramley and Walnut Chutney which was the perfect accompaniment to a crumbly vintage cheddar, and the Rhubarb Rum Jam was amazing spread on croissants or swirled into Greek yogurt.